A range in constant evolution

Cam Driven Systems (CDS), a division of the Bettinelli S.p.A. group, offers the widest range of positioners, rotary tables and cam mechanisms for the automation processes. The precision link conveyor TL series has been designed to meet the requirements of high productivity and reliability of the modern automation, combined with excellent precision and speed, with a high degree of versatility to offer customers the most suitable solution.

The need of the market and customer orientation, added to the desire of CDS to want to expand and improve its product range has brought new innovations to the TL series.

TSL 200

Based on our TL200 we reduced the deep of the body, with the same stroke, with a consequent reduction of the gearwheel diameter and a better ratio with the driver unit and a better positional accuracy. The Machine builder have now the advantage of an higher compactness of their projects


For all our TL range, the plastic protections have been studied to be applied on pallets in order to guarantee an anti-intrusion covering for the components being processed.

These covers are printed in 3D.


Together with the plastic protections a new links chain has been developed. The new links chain is equipped with special seals to reduce the accumulation of powders or abrasive material during the process and increase the protection of leads and bushes.


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