Product Description

Pallet changers

The CPT series pallet changer is a mechanical system which, by means of cams, transforms continuous movement at infeed into a synchronised combination of rotation and lifting at outfeed.

The device can be used anywhere that large masses have to be moved, especially to back up manufacturing machines such as machine tools and presses. The CPT can be used both in “push” mode, by positioning it underneath the mass to be moved, and in “pull” mode, by positioning it above the mass.

The system also features a synchronous (GLR) torque limiter to protect the unit in case of an emergency.

The competitive price and the reduced lead time together with CDS quality and reliability make this series very attractive for the market.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: CPT1 - CPT3 - CPT4.5
  • Number of Stops: 2+
  • Lifting CPT1 1000 kg / CPT3 3000 kg / CPT4.5 4500 kg
  • Output motion axis bearings
    - Max Axial Force: 50000 N
    - Radial force: 30000 N
    - Tilting: 4000 Nm

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