Improved ITP - TRP Series

The ITP - TRP Series are equipped with gearbox and three-phase induction motor to guarantee reduced delivery times with greater responsiveness to market demands. The ITP - TRP Series differs from the previous version due to the presence of the E-cam electronic device, which offers more effective solutions for the different positioning and stopping problems.



The E-CAM Motor Management System is a high-integrated solution for an easy management of the rotation and stop of the motor. The package contains an e-cam and an e-relay box. The e-cam is positioned on the input shaft of the indexer engaged during the rotation (rotation, dwell, etc.).



The e-relay box is an high-efficiency and fast electronic device used to manage the start and the stop of a 3-phases induction motor (4 kW max). The e-relay box is directly connected to the e-cam and plays as electronical switch, connecting and disconnecting the motor with the power source, depending from the input shaft rotary position (rotation phase, dwell phase, etc.)



When the e-cam receives a START signal from PLC then the e-cam connects, though the e-relay box, the motor to the power supplier and the indexer’s output flange rotates. When the indexer reaches the mechanical dwell phase the e-cam signals to e-relay box to disconnect the motor from the power supplier, stopping the indexer in the mechanical dwell phase and signaling to the PLC the effective stop with STPOK.

For a safe management of the e-stops a VFD/inverter is recommended.

The electronic phase cam permits an easy management of the signals used to start/stop the electrical motor.

The E-CAM:

 - optimises the cycle time of the indexer and improves the lifetime

 - shows the current status of the system

 - can be easily tuned

 - permits an accurate and fast motor stop

 - is easily connected with the other peripherals

 - eliminates the delays of the PLC to start/stop the motor 


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