Recently, we were been tested by the Digital Innovation Hub of Lombardy in cooperation with the Politecnico of Milan. This test serves to measure the industrial maturity level of technologically advanced companies, which follow Industrial Plan 4.0. The results showed that our company is a leader in innovation, technological investments, automation of management, design, production, quality, financial and administration. These results are the product of our 20 year old business philosophy, which always has led us to be the leader in automation, assembly and advanced manufacturing processes. 

The analysis tested the digital level of industrial macroprocesses like design and engineering, mantainance, human resources, production, supply-chain, quality, logistics, marketing, customer care and overall sales. Our scores were between 4 and 5 on a scale of 1 -5. The translation of the scale is as follows:
4 – Indicates an INTEGRATED AND INTEROPERABLE maturity level, i.e., generally controlled processes, which are developed with technologies, integrated and automated systems. These are managed in a generally integrated way through the different automated methods and managed through several company functions. This shows a good digital maturity and change-friendly business model. 

5 – Means a maturity level which is GEARED TO DIGITALIZATION, that is systematically and system-controlled processes. These scores were decided by a neutral third party. This rating continues to show our excellence in manufacturing capabilities and helps to bring us to the forefront of the minds of other companies who also participated in this evaluation. We will continue to improve day by day, in order to be able to supply more efficient and competitive services and solutions to our customers. 

Analisi maturità per < Dimensioni > 


Analisi Maturità per < Macro Processi > 


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