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Synchronous Motion Assembly Chassis

Gate TI Precision Link Chassis for Automation and Assembly Systems

Gate TI Precision Link Conveyor with pick and place Part Handlers and oscillating center platen for full synchronized timing and motion. All drives under base for clean uncluttered bench top. Running off common line shaft under base and standard AC motor drive.

Gate TI Precision Link Chassis system 2-2010 061

Gate Technologies Inc Precision Link Chassis system

Gate TI - Medi-Cam Clean room Chassis

Gate TI - Cam Driven Systems Medi-Cam Chassis. Pick and Place / Part Handlers mounted under the table top for a clean room application

Gate TI - Cam Driven Systems,Medi-Cam Chassis

Gate TI - Cam Driven Systems, Medi-Cam Chassis, comprising a TL150 Precision link conveyor with a total of 30 pallets, performing a 300mm transfer. Qty 6, LHP60 Linear Part Handlers, Qty 1, IG100 4 position indexing drive, the top plate and all housings are Nickel plated to FDA specifications. All the units are driven from one central line shaft which in turn is driven from one variable speed motor achieveing a cycle rate of 60 per minute.

Gate TI Prec Link chassis A 2-2010 057

Gate TI Precision Link Conveyor chassis with outboard Gate TI Part Handlers for linear pick & place stations

Gate TI - Cam Driven Systems Over Under Chassis

TL Precision Link Conveyor with 6 LHP Part Handler units and 4 Oscillating IP drives performing a light duty pressing operation.

Gate TI - Rotary Assembly chassis animation

Gate TI - 3d simulation for a rotary machine chassis system.

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