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Gate TI rotary Indexing tables - high speed & synchronized motions

Rotary Indexing tables running in synchronized motion off belt driven line shaft and one motor. Demonstrates Gate TI Series " IT Series" barrel cam indexers, "IP Series" paradromic cam indexing drive and " IG Series" globoidal cam /roller gear indexing tables. Try doing this with a servo!

Dial Indexing Tables by Gate TI - model TR210 video 002

16 position indexing table. Gate TI Indexing tables convert constant rotary motion from motor to precise intermittent motion on rotary indexing table output turret. Smooth controlled motion via internal barrel cam mechanism.

Rotary Indexing Tables by Gate TI - model TR210 video 001

Precision Rotary Indexing Tables by Gate Technologies Inc Model TR210 with 16 positions on output, Indexing rate more than 60 cycles per minute.

Gate TI Medi-Cam Rotary Escapement

Gate Technologies Inc, Medi-Cam rotary escapement for converting 1 linear track to 2 for a pick and place.

Gate TI - Cam Driven Systems, Rotary Escapement

Gate Technologies Inc, Rotary Escapement Mechanism, used to feed 2 parts from 1 vibratory track per cycle for a pick and place unit

Gate TI - 3D simulation for an IT100 Indexing drive, index table, positioning table

3D cad simulation for an IT100 4 station barrel cam indexing drive

Gate TI - 3D Simulation of an IP80 Parallel shaft indexing drive

3D Cad simulation of the motion for an IP80, 6 station indexing drive with 90 degrees of input cam angle.

Gate TI - 3D Simulation of an IP80 Parallel Shaft Indexer

IP80 Parallel Shaft indexing drive, 1 stop output for 300 degrees of input.

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